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  • Professional Stone Cleaning

Professional Stone Cleaning and Renovations

Different memorials weather in different ways. Hard stones such as granite and slate can be kept maintenance free for many years. Stone such as marble, and Portland and sandstones can attract dirt if not maintained on regular occasions.

professional stone cleaning

Cleaning of Marble, York, Portland and Nabersina Memorials

Over the years lichen grows on some these stones. The stone starts to perish and becomes rough. I would start by sanding the memorial back to it’s original smooth faces. The memorial is sanded with an electric sander, using different grades of abrasive discs. For the cleaning of the carvings on some memorials, diamond grades hand pads are used; wire brush and steel wool is also used to restore to original condition. In some cases lettering is repaired which can depend on type of stone. All inscriptions are repaired, using the traditional method by hand.

Over the years memorials also need repairing.
All our memorials are repaired to the highest standard. Unstable memorials are repaired using stainless steel dowels, which are drilled into the stone, also fixing rods are installed into the foundation of base and memorial, to make memorials stable to insure they have been fitted to the highest standard



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